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What God wants from us is an offering of thanksgiving for what he’s done for us.


We hope you are well in the Lord’s grace. Thank you so much for your gift! By giving, you help our church fulfill our mission. 

Why We Give

We're compelled by the example of Jesus to be a generous type of people. Generous with our time, our attention, and even our money.

Within our church family, it's our vision to share enough so that everyone has everything they need. In addition to that, we are invested in supplying needs in our community, country, and beyond!

Giving to each other and to our church is also a way of holding whatever we own with open hands and acknowledging that everything that's created comes from the Creator, and everything we have is a gift from the Giver.

If you believe in what we're doing at Life Abundant and want to invest in our work, here's how to do that!

How We Give

You can invest in the work we're engaged with at Tower View in two ways.

Because we consider giving an act of love, we incorporate our giving into our worship service. During the worship portion of our Sunday service, you can put your gift in an envelope found at the end of each row and place it in the basket at the front of the church.

You can also give online at anytime through our website! This is a convenient way to give to our work, and you can even setup scheduled gifts to repeat whenever you'd like.

Thank you for supporting the work of God here!