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Membership application for prospective TVBC members.

Church membership is God’s plan for you to unite with other Christians in order to accomplish something bigger than yourself. It is God’s context for discipleship, service, and fulfilling his mission

Why become a member?

Tower View Baptist Church takes the issue of membership seriously because the Bible takes it seriously. Every member of TVBC is not only a representative of the church, but also of Jesus Christ. Too often, when churches take membership casually, the result is their corporate witness and mission of spreading the gospel is greatly compromised.

The Bible is very clear in pointing believers toward membership in a local church for our encouragement, protection, and instruction. We seek to carry out this vision through the following process by which to join Tower View.

Here are some resources that further explain the importance of church membership:

How to Become a Member


If you are interested in pursuing membership with us, please consider participating in our Membership Matters Course.

Membership Matters is where the process for Tower View membership begins. During this class, we communicate our Baptist distinctives and beliefs, and communicate the practical application of our mission: To see God through Christ deliver individuals from the bondage of sin, disciple them into faithful followers of Christ, and deploy them as leaders to the nations.

Completion of this class is a Tower View membership requirement. However, anyone who would like to learn more about our Church is encouraged to attend.

Classes are offered 2-3 times a year and require pre-registration.

We offer the classes on weekends and they last around 4 hours. The classes are designed for ages 13 and up. Minors must be accompanied by a parent.

Again, completing the course does not obligate you to join our church. Anyone is welcome to participate in order to get to know us better!


If, after completing the Membership Matters course, you desire to pursue membership, you may complete a membership application below, telling us about yourself and how God has saved you.


If, after completing the application, you desire to pursue membership, we will schedule a membership interview with you. This will be done with a pastor at TVBC. During this interview, you will have a chance to share your testimony and ask any questions you may have aboutTower View Baptist.


Once the Membership Matters class and pastoral interview are completed, the Tower View office will make requests for membership letters from your former church of membership, if needed

The final step in the process is when prospective members are voted on by the congregation at our quarterly Members' Meetings.

Membership Application