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We're deeply concerned with correct belief & living. We hold to the Baptist Faith & Message (2000).

Is the Bible All We need?

Yes. The Bible is truly all we need for faith and practice. But it’s also good to be able to read what a church believes in a few minutes. This is why we have these statements below!

Is there room for disagreement?

Yes and no. We welcome any and all people to visit Tower View, no matter what you believe. For membership, however, we do think it’s very important to be unified on major tenets of the Christian faith, which are outlined below in our “Statement of Basic Beliefs.” All members and pastors agree to this statement.

Our “Statement of Theological Distinctives” captures the leadership’s convictions on areas that are debated even among Bible-believing, Gospel-centered churches. Though agreement with this statement isn’t necessary for membership, we wanted to be sure you know a few more specifics on the leadership’s theological perspective.

Statement of Basic Beliefs

If you’d like to know more about our doctrinal beliefs, you can read The Baptist Faith & Message.

Statement of Theological Distinctives

We are a thoroughly Bible-believing, evangelical church that supports missions through The Southern Baptist Convention and The Cooperative Program

Along with our statement of beliefs above, we are also in agreement with the following:

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