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The Christian Life: Successfully Faithful?

Jesus calls us to be faithful, not successful.

Don Carson once said:

"The most urgent need of the church in the Western world is the need to pray."

American evangelicalism's tendency to equate bigness with success is more American than it is evangelical—or, more importantly, biblical.

We're too successful. We don't need God.

If you want to know what most Christians consider success, read social media. If you want to know what the Lord considers success, read your Bible.

May we reminded that a sign we’re growing in grace: we let GOD define words like "blessing", "prosperity" & "success”. You see, ministry success is determined by our faithfulness, not by the number of our converts. We must not be content with the success of "our" ministries. We must not be content until Christ reigns over every inch of this world.

Isn’t this what our Savor taught us? Jesus said, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men” (Mark 1:17). If we are not fishing, we are not following. What if I am a follower but I haven’t got any fish yet? How many fish do I have to get to be a genuine follower? The issue is faithful, not successful.

Ezekiel 37:8 reminds us that it's possible to look alive, strong, healthy, successful . . . and be devoid of the Spirit's breath of life. It is true: A successful ministry is one that is both faithful & fruitful. Sole focus on one, at the expense of the other, is a recipe for failure.  Overall, the doctrine of sovereign election guarantees the ultimate success of evangelism, but never negates our personal responsibility to it.

Some biblical truths to ponder and pray over…

# 1 - The success of a church should not be judged by its seating capacity but by its sending capacity. We thank God for the work he has done among us! We have sent out nearly 10 families in 4 years to mission and pastoral fields!

#2 - The Gospel calls us to be faithful in the chaos. Bring the Good News, no matter what.

#3 - A lot of nice, successful, functionally moral people will go to hell. Because their churches never helped them distinguish Gospel from law. May we clearly explain the bad news and the good news of the God of the Gospel!

#4 - As you fight sin, remember your standing with God doesn't depend on how successful you are, but on the perfect record of success of Jesus. Every day I have hope, not because people like me or I am successful at what I do, but because God exists and he is my Father.

#5 - Christian, Jesus calls us to be faithful, not successful. Strive to be faithful and you will be successful (to God but not necessarily to men). Anyone who is successful is simply a recipient of God’s unmerited favor