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Daily Devotional 3-28-20

During this pandemic, we'd like to share a daily devotional ...

During this pandemic, we'd like to share a daily devotional -- a little of what the Lord has been teaching us in relation to our life and faith in these uncertain times. Maybe you can relate. You may also find our daily video devotionals at


Exodus 12:28 "The Israelites did just what the Lord commanded Moses and Aaron."

Today's Thoughts...

For a matter of days, the Israelites had seen the hand of God against the wicked rulers of Egypt. Plague after plague, however, had not deterred Pharaoh from letting God’s people go. So God notified Moses and Israel that He would bring one more judgment on Egypt. He was going to stretch forth His hand to the most consecrated part of Egypt, which would require the death of many. More specifically, God was going to kill the firstborn male of man and beast.

To the Israelite people, this event, called the Passover, meant deliverance, peace, and freedom. It was also a reminder of the place that God was to have in their lives and reminder of all that God had done for them and that their trust had to be in Him. After being told how to carry out the Passover, the people not only worshipped God (Exo. 12:27), but they “did just what the LORD commanded Moses and Aaron” (12:28).

Dear reader, re-read today’s topic verse. Do you remember God’s promise to Abraham (Gen 15:13-16)? God told him that his “offspring will be sojourners in a land that is not theirs and will be servants there, and they will be afflicted for four hundred years” (15:13). Century after century passed, and Abraham’s descendants worked under the yoke of slavery in Egypt.

Had God forgotten His promise? Had He had a “brain freeze” on what He said He would do?

May it never be so! To the very day, God was faithful to His promise, just as He was to the birth of Christ through many centuries (Isa. 7:14; Gal. 4:4; Rom. 5:6).

This story is a reminder that God calls us to be prepared and ready for whatever He calls us to do. He will instruct us to do something and our best choice is to respond in obedience. When we are seeking Him out, we are to be prepared at every season for what comes our ways. That is why we are to seek Him daily, to meditate upon His word daily, and to come to the foot of His cross daily. This often begins in worship and continues in faith.

No one who has ever fully trusted God has been trusted Him in vain. He is true, faithful, and sure. His character cannot fail. Sure, it is easy to say as a cliché, “God is faithful.” But has your confidence increased with another evidence of God’s perfect timing? Has this biblical truth really found its way into your prayer life, your growth, and your witnessing?

Understanding God’s plan for your life begins with worship and is fulfilled with simple obedience. Ask the Lord today what He would have you do this day. Then, like the Israelites, praise Him for His faithfulness and do everything He instructs you to do.

Today's Prayer...

Father, though we find humility and grace very attractive in others, we have a hard time exhibiting it ourselves. When it comes to just simply following your commands, we want to buck against the system. We want to do everything we can do get out of just doing what you asked us to do. Father, sometimes, though, those decisions, like we see here, are life and death. We thank you that Jesus followed you, by your will, all the way until death. We know that he is our surety and salvation. All by grace. All by love. All by divine fiat. We praise you for this and more in Jesus' name. Amen.