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7 Reminders About Satan & God

Satan is either roaring or in stealth mode, but he’s always active.

Martin Luther said, "Everywhere Jesus shows up the devil builds a chapel near by."

Like Luther, biblically, I believe the devil is real. I believe he has a plan on file for you and for me, a plan to bring us down. And he’s brilliant. And he never sleeps. If we think we can hang onto our integrity by our own smarts and will-power without constant support from Jesus, we’re next.

Today, briefly, several reminders about the work God in the midst of the opposition of satan in our lives, our families, and our church.

1.    Christian, the reason the devil hates you so much is because Jesus loves you so much.


Let’s be honest: He hates your friendships, your marriage, your marriage, your family, and, most of all, your very union with Christ. Satan hates any opportunity you have to make Jesus look big in any area of your life and he will do whatever he can to prevent it.

2.    The aim of the Devil is simply to get your eyes off of Christ.

The devil doesn’t want to make things spooky as much as he wants to make you forget about Christ. Turn your back to the world and purpose to follow Christ, you can be sure to meet the devil head on. 

3.    There are no easy places to serve Christ.

The devil specializes in unreality, untruth, unmeaning, unmaking. So, something massive is at stake in what we believe, what we read, what we watch, and what we listen to.  And, remember--the devil is real. The forces of darkness are raging. Be ready. 

4.    The devil knows that if we never become honest with our sin then we’ll never know the saving power of Christ.

Satan's accusations are no match for Christ's blood. The weakest saint overcomes the greatest devil through the blood of the Lamb! The New Covenant should make the weakest saint as bold as a lion even when faced with the slander of the devil. When he points to our sin & declares the covenant annulled, we look to our faithful God & Christ's perfect work on our behalf. Thus, we have no fear & we do not waiver.

5.   "If you are idle in work, you are active in the devil's work." - Charles Spurgeon

The devil doesn't need to get rid of the cross of Christ, he's content simply to make professed Christians bored with it. The devil and every human dominion exist for the glory of Christ (Colossians 1:16). Look for it there. Pray for it there. And remember: Jesus did not say to the devil, "Let me tell you about my experience." He announced, "It is written." Take him to the Word!

6.    The greatest way to stink at spiritual warfare is to think about the devil much more than you worship Jesus.

We should savor that moment in Christ's temptation when the devil realizes Jesus is not trapped in the desert with him—but, rather, it's the other way around. Thank you, Jesus, for destroying the devil’s work, by your work on the cross. Satan’s crushed head, broken dominion, and sure demise are sweetness to our souls, peace in our storms, and power for our mission. Terror is now terrified of you.

7.    Sleep well, knowing Jesus fulfilled the law for us, exhausted the judgment we deserve, defeated the devil on our behalf, has comprehensively forgiven us, gave us his righteousness, always prays for us, works in all things for our good, and is returning with joy as our Bridegroom.

We can easily say: “Dear devil, you don't own me any more. You never did, really. You bluffed your way in. Now Jesus lives in me, every bit of me, forever.” When I think of the weakest believer clinging to Jesus, I see a mighty overcomer — by His mighty grace — so formidable, so unstoppable, so historically consequential, so eternally secure, I almost feel sorry for the devil. Almost.

“But if the devil does not want to leave me in peace, what do I care? For my heart stands in the true assurance of God’s peace. The man named Jesus of Nazareth— Lord over everything—is my Lord, so you cannot devour me!”

–Martin Luther