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30 Reminders about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

All we lost in the Garden by rebellion was regained in a Garden by resurrection.

You cannot make sense of Christianity apart from the resurrection. If you remove the death and resurrection from Christianity, you disembowel it (1 Cor. 15:14-17).

Without the resurrection of Christ, the church is just a social club going to hell. And every Sunday is a resurrection Sunday where we get to celebrate that the tomb is still empty and Christ is still King.

Here are several reminders (30) I have jotted down about the resurrection. May they encourage you as reflect upon, praise, and share the amazing news of the risen Lord Jesus Christ.

1.    A metaphorical / symbolic resurrection saves no one. We're all going to die, literally. If the resurrection isn't true, we should all go home. Religion makes a lame hobby.

2.    My problem with a liberal, theoretical, ethereal cross and resurrection: My sins are real. My death is real. I need a real Savior.

3.    The resurrection victory is a historical validation of the reliability of every promise God has ever made to his children. Remember today that the resurrection is not only an historical event, but also a powerful gift of grace to all who put their hope in Jesus.

4.    Resurrection can't be "proven." This is a weird logical argument. Either God's word is powerful or it's not. We trust it or don't.


5. Yet, I simply do not have enough faith to believe the alternatives to the resurrectionAlternatives to the resurrection: Christ didn't really die; the disciples overpowered the Roman guard; everyone just went to the wrong tomb. With all the attention given to Jesus' body after His. death (even by his enemies), an empty tomb is strong evidence of a resurrection.

6.    The logic of the resurrection of Jesus is the logic of God in all his ways with us: there are no defeats for God (Romans 4:16-25).

7.    The promise of the Gospel is not a vague "afterlife." That is a pagan notion. The Gospel promises our resurrection, a renewed creation.

8.    Everyone, absolutely everyone, who shares His sufferings will also know the power of His resurrection (Philippians 3:10). Bank on it.

9.    The resurrection of Jesus proved for all time how committed God is to someone who, in obeying Him, loses everything.

10. Because of Jesus' resurrection, suicide bombings, human trafficking, drug pushing, and EVERY form of abuse, etc., have been served noticed

11. Because of Jesus' resurrection, we're not hapless vigilantes on earth. No, we're hope-filled citizens of heaven - neither afraid to die or live (Phil. 1:21).

12. Because of Jesus' resurrection, we're no longer enslaved to our sins, we're now robed in his righteousness.

13. Because of Jesus' resurrection, all evil dominions, wicked authorities & malevolent powers now stand defeated, and will be fully eradicated.

14. The resurrection of Jesus means the worst thing is not the last thing.

15. The resurrection of Jesus means that evil is doomed and the crucified Lord of Mercy is triumphant.

16. The resurrection of Jesus proves that we can trust him with everything wrong with us. He bore it all, and rose up from it all.

17. The resurrection means that Jesus is more than a historic figure way back when. He is a present reality, and no one can stop him.

18. The resurrection of Jesus shows that God cares about this physical creation of his. He has a purpose of divine glory for common matter.

19. The resurrection of Jesus argues that He is able to subject all things--absolutely all things--to himself (Philippians 3:20-21).

20. The resurrection of Jesus declares that the Lord is for our bodies, the humblest part of us (1 Cor 6:13). The Lord is pro-body.

21. The resurrection of Jesus is the first installment and guarantee of the world we always wanted but never dreamed we get

22. The resurrection of Jesus means that turning 40 is so not a crisis. We who trust in him will get our bodies back, better than ever.

23. The resurrection of Jesus means we can get hammered by Satan himself and say, "That's the best you've got, you sorry loser?!?"

24. The resurrection of Jesus proves that "the worst that could happen" is not death; the worst is not having Jesus as our future. At the resurrection of Jesus, God powerfully settled the question of the future of the universe (Ephesians 1:19-23).

25. For those of you in church with messes & marriage messes, may the God of resurrection bring his mercy, grace, & might to bear.

26. Yes, you and I still struggle with sin, but the life, death and resurrection of Jesus guarantees that our forgiveness is complete.

27. I'm glad that thanks to Christ's resurrection, cancer has cancer, and we will have the last laugh.

28. One of the best argument for Jesus' resurrection is serving our families and loving our neighbors well

29. Jesus' birth and resurrection are both celebrated with the command, "Do not be afraid." Such, grace & love, power & hope!

30. The resurrection of Christ is proof of God's power to raise the believer to walk in newness of life.

He is risen...He is risen, indeed!