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24 (Short) Goals Every Sunday We Need to Remember

Every Sunday is the Lord's Day where we celebrate our risen Savior! And Sunday is meant to....

We often forget the reason that gathering as a church each Sunday on the Lord's Day is important (Heb. 10:24-25). Well, here are 24 reasons. :-) And, trust us, there are more! May you remind yourself of these today.

Every Lord's Day / Resurrection Day is meant to....

  1. Proclaim & celebrate the birth, life, death & resurrection of Jesus every Sunday until he returns. What a joy!
  2. Stimulate in us a love for Jesus that is greater, deeper, fuller and more life shaping than the love that we have for anything else in our life.
  3. Grow a worship of the risen Lord that doesn’t just live in Sunday gatherings, but that shapes our living daily!
  4. Encourage a deeper and deeper confidence in the faithful presence and powerful grace of our Lord.
  5. Assist us in surrendering our little world intentions to the plan and glory of a greater King--that is, the triune God -- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  6. Focus on the most important things in life before our fleeting, easily-distracted, and often unloyal hearts.
  7. Recapture our awe and wonder & reclaim our journeying hearts with a greater glory than our own--do all things for him!
  8. Hold before us the unstoppable grace that is our hope today and all the days that will follow.
  9. Cause us to abandon our trust in our own righteousness and place our hope and trust in the perfect righteousness of Jesus.
  10. Remind us over & over that the most valuable thing in our lives we could not have ever earned or deserved--rather, it was and is a gift of God's divine grace in Christ alone.
  11. Renew our wonder, gratitude and worship again and again because our hearts forget, grow hard and wander.
  12. Offer rest to our troubled hearts, minds, & souls by presenting a God of glorious power, love, grace & faithfulness who really cares for us & loves us.
  13. Lift our eyes and heart off things of this earth and focus them on the things that are above.
  14. Continue to remind us that our standing with God isn’t based on our obedience, but on the perfect obedience of Jesus, graciously lived on our behalf.
  15. Both dethrone us and comfort us with reality of the present reign of our Sovereign Lord Savior King--Jesus!
  16. Present to us a great Savior whose grace has the power to rescue the lost, rebels, the proud, the weak, the weary and the foolish from themselves.
  17. See ourselves and God clearly, so that we run to him for the help that we desperately need and grace that only he can give.
  18. Designed to be a window, a mirror, & a finger. Window = to the grace, glory, & goodness of God. ... Mirror = reveals our hearts & how much we REALLY need God’s grace .... Finger = that is pointing us to where God would have us go as we follow him all our days.
  19. Remind us, that no matter how wonderful our planning & participation is, really, at the end of the day, it's Jesus who builds his church.
  20. Emphasize to us that our new identity & new potential as the children of the Most High God is best formed in a community that loves, praises, shares, & exalts him.
  21. Rescues us once again by reminding us that there's only one glory worth giving our lives to - the glory of God and his kingdom.
  22. Remind us that because of the empty tomb of Jesus it's impossible for our faith in him to ever be in vain.
  23. Present to us the Sovereign Savior King who can end our search for life because he's everything we need.
  24. Designed to give us the peace of heart and rest of soul that only comes from learning more about and celebrating together the grace of Jesus.....AND SO MUCH MORE!