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22 Implications for Christ Alone

In Christ alone, my hope is found; He is my light, my strength, my song.

Charles Spurgeon once said: “To tell about Jesus without the cross is to betray him with a kiss.”

Tell people they are justified by their own superiority, good works, sincerity, reputation, coolness, or strength, they'll applaud you. Tell them they need only Jesus Christ alone, they'll go bananas and freak out (Gal 1:10).

Here are 22 quick reminders and re-tellables about why Jesus alone is all we truly need for life and eternity.

  1. No person will ever complete you—only Jesus can do that. Don't expect a person to do what only He can.
  2. If having Jesus doesn't make you content and happy, nothing (or anyone) ever will. No fame, fortune, friends, opportunity, or comfort can give you what only He can.
  3. If we compare ourselves to others, we'll find either pride or despair. But if we compare ourselves to Jesus we'll only find need for grace.
  4. The only One who could ever sing the old hymn "I surrender all," with total honesty, integrity, and truth, was Jesus Christ, who did so on our behalf.
  5. The Law requires and demands a type of perfection that can only be found in Jesus Christ. Only the gospel of Jesus Christ can do what no law ever could.
  6. Can you imagine human relationships where there is nothing to hide and nothing to prove? Only in Jesus.
  7. Only Jesus can be both the "Man of Sorrows" & the One who is blessed and anointed with joy above his fellows. What a Savior!
  8. To show forth Jesus only as our example, but not as our substitute, is to make the Gospel into a horror story. Jesus is our example ...but only after we have embraced him as our substitute.
  9. We’re never left unable and weak, never alone and forsaken, never separated from God's love, never condemned for our sin, never not enough grace…only because of the grace of the Lord Jesus. Never alone, never forsaken,
  10. Only the perfect grace of Christ Jesus is able to conquer and renew the one thing you can neither run from nor defeat—you. It calling you to take up your cross and deny yourself.
  11. Only the love of Jesus can exact and demand everything from us because Jesus has already met all the demands of God's law and love. Don't try to justify (explain) your unrighteousness or your self-righteousness. Only Jesus can justify (redeem) both.
  12. Only Jesus is the Messiah, not you. Don't try to fix anybody today, just love and serve them.
  13. The only thing more outrageous than Jesus' love for us is how little we believe it's true. That Jesus is jealous for our love is the greatest compliment he could EVER pay us.
  14. Put down that glory! Glory is for Jesus. "Everybody Wants to Rule the World," but only Jesus does. He wipes our tears and charms our fears.’
  15. The only way to prepare to walk with Jesus on the future day of suffering is to walk with him today. The only way to be sure you are on the right side of history is to be on the side with Jesus.
  16. Only Jesus, who is full of grace and truth, can save hard-headed, hard-hearted sinners and empower them for a life of grace and truth. Only Jesus strengthens, saves, sustains & satisfies.
  17. I've never met any doctor who can heal a broken heart. Only Jesus can do that.
  18. We need three things only Jesus can, and does give us in the Gospel: A new heart, a new record and a new Master.
  19. Be careful not to attach your "emotional umbilical cord" to people today. Only Jesus can give life now and forevermore. Drink from his well - it is deep enough to satisfy.
  20. Everything man-made anything will let you down. Church systems, theological systems. Only Jesus won't let you down.
  21. Only Jesus can get natural enemies, ex-spouses, divisive church members, different races, all hurt and wounded, to forgive, listen, love and move forward again. And he gets all the glory!
  22. The longer I live, the more sin, disappointment, and mediocrity I create, the more I see and feel that ministry or any job can’t justify me. Only Jesus can do that—and He did!