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12 Truths About Our Sovereign God

God is not just sovereign over his people but sovereign for his people.

Everyone believes "everything happens for a reason." The question is do you believe in the God by whose sovereign reason everything happens?

No more soul-humbling truths than those of sovereign grace--why me, Lord? God is sovereign over all things and works all thing for His glory & His people's good.

The great question is: Do we want what God wants?

Here are 12 reminders today about this sovereign God. May they encourage you no matter what you are facing this week.

1.    Because God is good and sovereign, we shouldn't be angry when our plans are interrupted. Rather, trust that He is lovingly directing our steps. God is sovereign over all our sorrows. He does no evil, but uses all evil done to His people for their good. This gives peace in our pain.

2.    Man is responsible in human history. God is sovereign over human history.  History is not random or cyclical but linear. It had a beginning & will have an end according to the irrevocable decree of a sovereign God (See Acts 17!).

3.    God is sovereign over all. There's no luck, no chance, no should-a been. Near-misses are merely conspicuous moves of providence. If God is sovereign then luck, coincidence and chance are in the same category as Santa Clause, Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

4.    God is sovereign over: who suffers (Rev 6:11), when we suffer (Acts 18:10), where we suffer (Lk 13:33), and how we suffer (Acts 9:16, Jn 21:19).

5.    Don't think God is just sovereign in the big picture of life. Praise God he micromanages (Mt. 10:29-30).

6.    Our job is to share the Gospel,…God’s job is to save sinners. Evangelism is the sovereign act of God that we participate in (1 Cor. 3).

7.    Praise God He doesn't answer "yes" to all our prayers. Praise God He answers "yes" to some. Both are sweet expressions of His sovereign love

8.    Some say, "If God is sovereign, why bother to pray I say, "If God is NOT sovereign, why bother to pray?" We pray BECAUSE God is sovereign, not in spite of the fact. Who wants the pressure of calling all the shots? Why do we pray if God is sovereign? Because God gets more glory when he accomplishes his purposes through prayer. It is good for us to see our need and to see his provision. If God is sovereign, why pray? Not only has God appointed the end, but also all the means to accomplish that end. That NECESSITATES prayer. 

9.    If God were not sovereign, I would be afraid. But He is sovereign! Not only does He rule the nations, but He rules over my feeble efforts!

10. We must always remember that in all Satan's prowling around, he is always a dog on the leash of a Sovereign and good God whom we can trust.

11. God knows what we don't know and sees what we don't see. He wastes no moment and makes no mistakes.  Trust His sovereign hand. "In peace I will lie down and sleep for you alone O LORD will keep me safe" - Ps. 4:8 Rest tonight in the sovereign hands of a faithful God.

12. Christ will never abdicate His throne, and no force can take it from Him. God is sovereign over... Rain / Sun / Wind / Waves / Worms / Plants / Donkeys / Lions / Rams / Lambs / Seas / Rivers / Fish / Frogs / Birds / Angels / Satan / Demons / Conception / Dreams / Dice / Decisions / Conversion / Churches / Armies / Arrows / Kings / Life / Death / Grave / Destinies /…. God rules over all things. You can trust Him.

God will always be the Sovereign Lord with whom man must deal. Do we trust him today?