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Drive-In Church

During COVID19 days, join us in your car OR in-person in a designated seating area as we worship!

Welcome! How Does "Drive-in" Church Work?

The whole design of this worship service is to keep us all safe while still getting to worship together. So, with that in mind:

2021 Update

“Drive-in” church every Sunday at 10:30 AM in our parking lot with folks in cars + inside folks - pre-registered!


our weekly gathering every Sunday this point.


1. Per county health rules: Everyone stays in their vehicle. Windows may be rolled down.

2. Please park your cars in an orderly fashion in the parking lines so everyone can get in :-). Upon dismissal, please be courteous as you exit.

3. Please tune into 90.7 FM. This is how you will hear the service from within the parking lot. We are not broadcasting past the church property, per FCC rules.

4. The church building is NOT open. Refer to rule #1.

5. Church restrooms are NOT available. Remember to go before you leave the house! Refer to rule #1.

6. The service will be brief (about 60 minutes with songs and short sermon)—so please don’t leave before the service is over as it will be distracting to others. Thank you! :-)

7. Thank you so much for financially supporting God’s work at Tower View! (If you are visiting, we let this part be for our members! Just glad you are here!).

--Online giving is the safest & secure from online theft and from coronavirus. Go to & click the “GIVE Now” button).

--If you prefer, checks can be mailed to the church 7301 NE 50th Street, KC, MO 64119.

HAVE FUN! Wave at one another, smile, enjoy the fresh air, and get ready to worship our sure and certain Savior in these uncertain times.

Most of all - THANK YOU so much for worshipping the risen Lord with us!

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Thank you for joining us! Jesus is risen - He's risen, indeed!